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Public Art Application

  1. Public Artwork Application Form
    The Town of Creston has an extensive policy framework to allow Council to make an informed decision related to the installation of public artwork, including murals. Read the Town of Creston policy and guidelines carefully. Applications that do not include all the required materials (review checklist) will not be processed for Council’s consideration. Allow for up to four to six weeks for processing applications and receiving Council approval.
  4. Indicate whether installation is on public or private property
  5. Note: If only a mailing address is provided, our response times may be extended
  6. Note: We only call if we require clarification
  8. Note: Submission of an application does not constitute approval. The Town of Creston Council will only review completed application. Incomplete applications may add additional time for approval. If permits are required (sign permit for logos and advertising, or building permits for installation of materials), then these permits shall be obtained PRIOR to submitting this application.
    Provide a budget of project, including secured funding sources. Proof of funding source is required. A detailed budget may be attached to the application as a separate document.
    Artist Fees
  11. Material Costs (paint, brushes, rollers, installation hardware, etc.)
  12. Scaffolding (required if artist has to work above 3m)
  13. Traffic Management Plan (If applicable)
  14. Health and Safety (ladder, traffic cones, telescopic arms, high visibility vests, face masks, drop sheets, etc. )
  15. Miscellaneous Fees
  16. Funding Sources
  17. Private Donations
  18. Grants (provide sources)
  19. Contributions in lieu of cash
  20. Note: Proof of all funding sources are required, including confirmation that funding is allocated for such purposes. For example, a grant approval must show that the grant is to be spend on public art on either public or private land.
  21. Include copies of any documentation supporting budget and funding.
  23. Complete if only privately owned
  24. Considered the most efficient
  25. Note: If only a mailing address is provided, timelines may be extended
  26. Note: We only call if we require clarification
  27. Note: A signed agreement with a private owner is required to be submitted with the application.
  28. Provide a brief description of the project (Max 500 words)
  29. Outline the objectives and goals of the project (Max 500 words)
  30. Outline the project schedule - set-up, installation and clean-up (Max 250 words)
  31. Outline maintenance and roles / responsibilities (Max 300 words)
  32. Describe inspection plan for maintenance needs and timing for required repairs (Max 300 words)
  33. Outline method and products used for public art installation (Max 300 words)
  34. Outline community consultation (required if within 60m of residential zoning) (Max 300 words)
  35. Print Name
  36. (the "applicant") represents and warrants to the Town of Creston (the “Town”) that:
  37. (a) the Applicant is the legal beneficial owner at:
  38. (the “Property”) OR has obtained the consent of the legal and beneficial owner of the Property to participate in the Public Artwork Program by obtaining and submitting with this document a signed release and consent of the property owner in the form attached as Appendix 2;
  39. (b) the Applicant has full power and authority to enter into the terms and condition attached hereto as Appendix 1; and
  40. (c) no other person or entity is required to consent to the completion of the mural described in the Applicant’s Preliminary Application for the Public Artwork Program (the “Project”), including, without limitation, any tenant, occupant, or operator of the Property.
  41. The Applicant agrees that by signing and submitting this document, they are bound by the terms and conditions attached hereto as Appendix 1. The Applicant will disclose to the Town any additional funding or support they have received or requested for the Project from any public entities, such as the Regional District, Columbia Basin Trust, etc. The Applicant will ensure that the Project complies, and that all persons involved in the Project will comply at all times, with all applicable health and safety requirements contained in applicable statutes, regulations, codes and by-laws, and, to the Town’s satisfaction, with Town policies for workplace safety, and, without limitation to the foregoing, the Applicant shall ensure that all persons involved in the implementation of the Project are protected under the Workers Compensation Act.
  42. Print Name
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