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Spirit Square


  1. Benches
  2. Flowering Plants (Seasonal)
  3. Murals
  4. Waste Recepticles
The Spirit of Creston Square provides an area for celebrations and festivals in the heart of downtown Creston. The location of the square might not be readily apparent, as on most days, the Spirit Square is the busy intersection at 11th Avenue North and Canyon Street. When a festival or event is scheduled, bollards are put in place to close off 11th Avenue North, and the decorative stone and cement work, benches, streetlights, plantings and landscaping form the backdrop to Creston's Spirit Square.

The Square was funded through the BC Spirit Squares program, and the construction was completed in the spring of 2008. The Spirit of Creston Square was officially opened by His Honour, The Honourable Steven L. Point, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, on October 11, 2008.

Please contact Town Hall to find out about booking the Spirit Square for community events.