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Outdoor Gym Equipment-Adjacent to Bike & Dog Parks


  1. Accessible Multi Gym
  2. Air Strider
  3. Air Walker Plus
  4. Back Extension
  5. Leg Press
  6. Multi-Bars
  7. Parallel Bars
  8. Pull Up & Dip Station
  9. Push-Up Bar
  10. Rowing Machine
  11. S-Shaped Jump Board
  12. Seated Chest Press
  13. Seated Lat Pull
  14. Sit-Up Board
The Creston Rotary Club in cooperation with the Town of Creston and grant funding received through the community and Recreation Grant, has installed the Great Outdoor Gym Triactive Fitness Equipment Set adjacent to the Bike Park and Dog Park at 1414 Cedar Street.

When using the Triactive Fitness Equipment, please exercise caution, ensuring that you understand how to properly use each piece of equipment. Click here for a brief description of this equipment.