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GreenGym-Centennial Park


  1. Air Walker Double
  2. Double Tai Chi
  3. Hand & Leg Bike
  4. Leg Press
  5. Recumbent Bike
  6. Rowing Machine
  7. Triple Stepper
  8. Warm Up & Stretch Station
The Creston Valley Rotary Club in cooperation with the Town of Creston and grant funding received through the Community and Recreation Grant, has installed GreenGym® fitness equipment in Creston's Centennial Park.

A special thanks to:
 Mr. and Mrs. Jim Lamb
 Donna Maatz
 Dr. C. Campbell
 Dr. J. Griffioen
 Dr. K. Le Roux
 Dr. A. Persad
 Dr. E. Ewing
 Dr. T. Troughton
 Dr. A. Weaver
 and to all those who support the fund raising efforts