Collection Requirements

Container Usage Regulations

Container usage must comply with the following regulations: 

  1. Containers and Collection Carts must be kept entirely on the premises they serve at all times except when placed on a boulevard or lane for the purpose of collection under this Bylaw.
  2. For collection purposes, all Containers must be placed next to the lane, or boulevard adjacent to their premises, or at a place designated by the Director of Infrastructure Services, or designate. 
  3. For collection purposes, all Containers shall be placed as close as possible to the curb, or where no curb exists, the edge of the road area, without obstructing vehicle or pedestrian traffic. 
  4. For collection purposes, all Containers shall be kept at ground level or on a platform not more than 30 centimeters in height above ground. 
  5. No liquids shall be put in or allowed to accumulate in any Container. 
  6. All wet Solid Waste, ashes, sawdust or any other granular materials must be Double-bagged before being placed within any Garbage Container. 
  7. Any substance which might adhere to a Container shall be separately contained within individual disposable wrappings or containers before being placed in a Solid Waste Container.
  8. All cat litter and pet feces must be Double-bagged prior to being placed in a User-owned Garbage Container. 
  9. No User-owned Garbage, Recyclables or Yard Waste Container placed for collection shall exceed 120 litres in volume or twenty-three 23 kilograms (50 lbs) in weight. 
  10. No User-owned single use black plastic bag for Garbage placed for collection shall exceed 65cm x 83cm (74L) in volume or 11.5kg (25 lbs) each in weight. 
  11. No Town-owned Food Waste or Recyclables Container place for collection shall exceed eighteen (18) kilograms (forty (40) lbs). 
  12. All User-owned Garbage Containers placed for collection shall be covered with a water-tight lid, or in the case of plastic bags, securely tied. 
  13. No person shall place any item(s) in a Container which could cause injury to a Collector. 
  14. All Containers must be maintained in good repair and sanitary condition.  
  15. The owner or tenant of a property shall ensure that Containers do not spill and shall clean any spillage that may occur immediately.  
  16. All material placed in Garbage Containers must be bagged.  Loose material, even if contained within a Garbage Container, will not be collected. 
  17. All biomedical waste must be Double-bagged prior to being placed in a User-owned Garbage Container; additionally, Sharps waste shall be placed in a puncture-resistant container, in accordance with the National Standard of Canada, prior to being Double-bagged.