Residential Curbside Collection Service

The Town is set to begin offering a new Curbside Collection Service in Spring 2022. This Summer and Fall we will be connecting with the community to help make the service work for you.

We are preparing to launch an online engagement site: Let’s Talk Creston. Check back soon for a link to the Let’s Talk Creston page for the new Curbside Collection Service. You will be able to subscribe to email updates and register for an account to get involved in this and other municipal initiatives.

Garbage, recycling, kitchen scraps, yard waste... the Town plays a central role in how local households manage waste. Public consultation and conversations with community members have inspired us to work towards a more convenient, accessible, and sustainable Curbside Collection Service. 

Creston’s new Curbside Collection Service is designed to better meet local needs:

  • Kitchen scraps will be collected weekly. The Town will supply an outdoor cart and indoor “kitchen catcher” container.
  • An unlimited amount of recycling will be collected every-other-week. The Town plans to supply "blue boxes" for collecting recyclables.
  • Garbage will be collected every-other-week up to a limit of 1container (max. weight of 50lbs). Extra “bag tags” will still be available for purchase.
  • Garbage and recycling collection will alternate week to week.
  • The Town will continue to provide seasonal yard waste collection multiple times per year.

The Town has many goals for the new service. A top priority is long-term environmental stewardship, including greenhouse gas emission reductions. Our commitment to sound financial management means that we are serious about dealing with rising fees that we pay for disposing of garbage at the landfill and extending the life of that facility. Inclusivity, accessibility, convenience, and affordability always matter to us. 

The Town and the Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) each play a role in helping our citizens to manage household waste. The upcoming changes for our municipality are part of the broader RDCK "Less Is More" effort. We are proud to be teaming up with neighbouring communities to develop services and solutions for reducing waste in the RDCK.

The Town had originally aimed to begin offering our new Curbside Collection Service in Fall 2021. We plan to launch our new Curbside Collection Service once the RDCK Organics Composting Facility at the Creston Landfill site is ready to receive kitchen scraps.

To learn more about our pathway to a new Curbside Collection Service, follow these links:

To offer input or ask questions, email