Residential Curbside Collection Service

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We are committed to offering a more convenient, accessible and sustainable Curbside Collection Service. Our Curbside Consultation campaign is about working with citizens to make positive change in that direction. 

Is the Town considering changes to the residential Curbside Collection Service?

Yes! We are working to improve Creston's Curbside Collection Service. At minimum, we plan to collect kitchen scraps and recycling at the curb starting in Fall 2021. This would be in addition to garbage and seasonal yard waste collection. 

Why is the Town considering changes?

  • Direction from the community. Town Council and staff have listened thoughtfully to past public consultation and conversations with community members. We understand that improvements are wanted. We know that convenience, accessibility and affordability are key concerns. We also appreciate that protecting our natural resources and environment is always a priority.
  • New local organics facility. The Regional District of Central Kootenay plans to open a new Organics Composting Facility at the Creston Landfill site next Fall. The facility will divert waste from the landfill and produce high-quality compost.
  • Rising fees for tipping garbage. We pay by weight to dispose of the garbage we collect. The Town of Creston is preparing for these “tipping fees” to go up significantly in coming years. While we don't control the cost of tipping fees, collecting recyclables and kitchen scraps separately would reduce the amount of garbage collected. This should help to keep the cost of disposal down in the long run. 
  • Lifespan of the local landfill. The Creston Landfill site has a limited capacity. Making recycling and composting more accessible and convenient would reduce what we send to the landfill. This should help to extend its lifespan and save resources.
  • Making progress on local goals. Citizens, Council, and Town staff came together to create an award-winning Official Community Plan. It lays out goals for everything from neighbourhood vitality to greenhouse gas reductions. Enhancing our Curbside Collection Service will help us achieve our shared vision for our community.

Have changes to the service been decided on already?

No, Town Council and staff are in the process of processing the findings of a first phase of community engagement! We have been working with curbside collection experts and willing service providers. They have helped us design potential programs that could work well for Creston. They have also helped us to cost out some strong options. Since October, we have been working to better understand citizen needs and expectations. Our Curbside Consultation Survey closed on November 15. We are working to use the results to help set a direction for the service. In 2021, we will work with the community to find ways to follow that direction.

Would changes to the service impact the cost of collection?

Potentially, yes. There is a connection between the level of service and the cost of that service. Right now, Council's main goal is to translate the community’s expectations for a convenient, accessible, sustainable and affordable service into a new approach. We have developed strategies to keep our solution as cost-effective as possible.

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Is the Curbside Consultation Survey closed?

Yes, the survey was open from Monday, October 26 to Sunday, November 15 We heard from hundreds of residents and are processing the results. Thanks to everyone who took part.  

What did the survey ask about?

Council was seeking to understand the community’s needs and expectations. The survey asked about experience and satisfaction with the current service. We described a new service scenario that has been recommended for Creston. We asked how well it would work for residents, and for feedback on the estimated cost. There were specific questions about yard waste and related service scenarios to consider. Comments and suggestions were welcomed.

When will survey results be available?

The results of the survey are being processed now. The findings and related recommendations on a direction for the Curbside Collection Service for 2021 and beyond will be presented to Council at the Tuesday, November 24 Council meeting. A summary report on the findings will be made available at that time. It will be available for download on this webpage

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Was the survey part of a larger campaign to work with the community?

Yes! The survey was part of Phase 1 of 3 of community engagement. We are focused on understanding your needs and expectations. That knowledge will help Council set a direction for future curbside options.

Phase 2 is anticipated to start in 2021. We will report back to the community, and engage with residents to ensure that any changes are designed to be convenient and inclusive.

Phase 3 will start when we are ready to offer a new service. We will help households to prepare for and adapt to the changes. We will offer resources and supplies designed with input from the community.

For more information see the links below.

How can I stay updated?

  • This webpage will continue to be a good source of information. 
  • Subscribe for email or SMS updates from our Creston News Room. This is a great way to get regular updates from the Town. 
  • You can also follow us on Facebook and/or Instagram. We will be posting updates on the service.

Is it too late to offer input?

Of course not. Direction and support from residents and property owners guides our work and is always welcome. If you have thoughts to share about the future of household waste collection, please get in touch. Email us at

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