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Travel Advisory (November 19, 2020):

At this time, all non-essential travel should be avoided. This includes travel into and out of B.C. and between regions of the province. For example:

  • Do not travel for a vacation
  • Do not travel to visit friends or family outside of your household or core bubble

What is essential travel?

Individual circumstances may affect whether a trip is considered essential or non-essential. Essential travel within B.C. includes:

  • Regular travel for work within your region
  • Travel for things like medical appointments and hospital visits
  • For example, if you live in Vancouver and work in Surrey you can continue to commute. 

If you need to travel for essential reasons, take the same health and safety precautions you do at home.

  • Wash your hands often
  • Practice safe distancing, 2 m
  • Travel only with yourself, household or pandemic bubble
  • Stick to the outdoors whenever possible
  • Clean spaces often
  • Wear a mask in indoor spaces

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All non-essential travel across the United States/ Canada Border restricted: Non-essential travel includes travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature (December 21, 2020)

  • The Government of Canada has barred entry to Canada to all non-citizens/permanent residents, except Americans, diplomats, and flight crews. Canadians displaying symptoms of COVID-19 will not be denied boarding aircraft.
    • The Government of Canada is offering emergency loans of up to $5000 to assist Canadians with purchasing tickets home, or where necessary to support Canadians who are unable to return home due to symptoms. Canadians abroad can contact the Emergency Watch and Response Centre in Ottawa directly at 1 613 996-8885, or
  • British Columbians who have traveled outside Canada and returned to Canada, on or after March 12, 2020,  have been ordered by the Provincial Medical Health Officer to self-isolate for 14 days. Read the Provincial Medical Health Officer’s Order to Travellers.

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