On March 14th, 2018 the Recreation Cannabis Legalization Community Questionnaire was distributed to all mailing addresses with the Town of Creston, made available online via the Town’s website, and posted to social media. 568 completed questionnaires were submitted to Town Hall. A summary of the results can be viewed here.

On October 17th, 2018 the Government of Canada passed legislation to legalize the production and sales of non-medical cannabis in Canada. At the time, the Town of Creston adopted a bylaw temporarily prohibiting the retail sale and commercial production of cannabis within our boundaries. 

Current Regulations

On January 22nd, 2019 the temporary prohibition was repealed by Council. Following a robust public process, Zoning Bylaw No. 1123, 1989 was amended to allow for the regulated retail sale, production, and processing of cannabis in Creston, within appropriates zones. A 150m buffer zone was created around all public schools and select public spaces, as well as other regulatory requirements.

1877-A-Zoning Bylaw 1123 (Cannabis) Schedule B Map Opens in new window

Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Stores

In order to purchase a business licence for a Cannabis Retail Store in Creston, a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence, issued by the British Columbia Liquor and Cannabis Regulation Branch (LCRB) is required.

Applications to the LCRB will be referred to the Town of Creston for comment and recommendations prior to LCRB consideration. The Town of Creston will, upon receipt of the LCRB referral, contact the applicant and provide them with the Town of Creston application form. Upon submission of the application form and payment of the application fee, the Town will advertise a Notice of Intent at Town Hall, in the newspaper, and online, requesting written submissions from residents and property owners within 300m (approx. 4 blocks) of the proposed location. Properties within 60m of the proposed location will be notified by hand delivery of the Notice of Intent, to ensure they are aware of the opportunity to provide comment.

Written submissions from affected residents will be presented to Council for consideration of whether to provide a positive or negative recommendation to the LCRB. The LCRB will not issue a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence without a positive recommendation from the Town of Creston. Even with a positive recommendation from local government, the LCRB may deny an application for licence.

Only businesses in possession of a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence, issued by the LCRB, may apply for a business licence to operate a Cannabis Retail Store in Creston.

To learn more about the application process, or to begin an application for a Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Licence visit the LCRB application portal.

Production, Processing, Analysis, and Research Facilities

Production, processing, analysis, and research are permitted in specific zones within the Town Creston and under certain conditions, as defined in Consolidated Zoning Bylaw No. 1123, 1989. Businesses wishing to operate a cannabis production, processing, analysis, or research facility must first obtain a Licence from the Minister of Health (Canada).

Information regarding licencing though the Minister of Health is available here.

Public Consumption

The Province of BC has provided a factsheet, available here, that outlines where smoking and vaping of cannabis is permitted. Additionally, Council will consider public consumption of cannabis and tobacco products through the introduction of a "Clean Air Bylaw" at upcoming Committee of the Whole and Council meetings.

Additional Resources

For further information, please feel free to contact the Town of Creston, Municipal Services Department, at or 250-428-2214.

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