Municipal Organizational Chart

Mayor and Council are the elected representatives of the community. The Chief Administrative Officer (Town Manager) is appointed by, and reports directly to Town Council. The Town Manager oversees the overall administration of the corporation, its officers and employees. The Town Manager is also responsible to Council for the execution of Council's decisions and the work of Town departments.

The Town Manager oversees the overall conduct of the administration in pursuing Council’s corporate plans, goals and objectives, and serving the will of Town Council. In addition, the Town Manager: 

  • reviews departmental programs, budgets, and policy initiatives;
  • makes recommendations to Town Council;ensures that Council's directives are carried out;
  • (in consultation with Council and departments) establishes standards and priorities for the civic administration;
  • motivates and monitors performance to ensure that standards are met, that priorities are pursued.

Police Services in the Town of Creston are provided by the RCMP. 

2018-Org Chart