Private Fire Hydrants


The owner or occupier of property that has a private hydrant shall ensure that the hydrant is maintained in good working condition at all times. The private hydrant must be flushed, drained and all threads of outlets and caps greased with waterproof grease.  All components of the hydrant must be inspected serviced and tested. This must be carried out by persons recognized as qualified to perform these services.


The qualified person that performs the inspection, servicing and testing of the hydrant shall send a copy of the condition and repairs performed on such hydrants to Creston Fire Rescue in order that the Fire Department records of private hydrants are kept up to date.


Finish paint above ground shall be red marine enamel or approved equivalent.

Access to / Vegetation, etc.

The ground surface around the private hydrant must be kept clear of shrubs, trees, structures and other obstructions of any kind, in order to facilitate use of the hydrant by the Fire Department.