Infrastructure Services

The Department of Engineering and Public Works coordinates the provision of safe, efficient and reliable road and Town utility systems within the parameters of acceptable levels of service and operational and life-cycle costs.

The Department provides the following services for the citizens of Creston:
  1. Parks and trails infrastructure.
  2. Safe and efficient road transportation including:
    1. Traffic impact and transportation network studies
    2. Snow and ice control
    3. Construction of roads, sidewalks and lanes
    4. Installation and operation of pavement markings, traffic signs, on-street parking, traffic and pedestrian signals
    5. Street sweeping
    6. Road maintenance
  3. Safe potable water distribution
  4. Sewer removal and treatment
  5. Solid waste services
The Public Works Department also oversees the:
  • Administration of customer requests for town services related to property access, use of streets and sanitary, storm, and water connections
  • Administration of Town bylaws, Council and Department policies, reports and correspondence relative to the Engineering Department functions
  • Inspection of road and utility construction to ensure that Town interests are protected
  • Maintenance and development of engineering record drawings, mapping, signage and infrastructure database systems
  • Management of Department staff and other resources, including Professional Engineering consultants and private contractors involved with town and private infrastructure development
  • Planning, design, and construction of the town’s water distribution, storage, and pumping facilities, wastewater collection and storm drainage systems

Interesting Infrastructure Statistics

  • Distance of paved roads = 40 kilometers
  • Distance of unpaved roads = 1 kilometers
  • Sanitary sewer pipe length = 46 kilometers
  • Sewer length = 20 kilometers
  • Water pipe length = 55 kilometers