Cultivating Creston

The Cultivating Creston Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) (PDF) was approved at the February 26, 2013 regular meeting of Council. This approval was a landmark decision for Council in that the Plan was written to broadly guide decision-making in Creston at the highest level.

Cultivating Creston (ICSP) is the vision, plan and process for continued success to the year 2030, and a way to position the Town of Creston and the Creston Valley for ongoing success and sustainability in the longer-term.

The ICSP identifies 5 key Priority Areas and 10 Strategic Areas. Each Strategic Area has Desired Outcome Statements (DOS), which describe what success and sustainability look like in Creston by the year 2030.

The ICSP also acts as the framework for the Official Community Plan (OCP) and is intended to be a lens through which all Town projects and policies are reviewed.

Next Steps
Creating a plan is just one step in Creston’s journey towards it vision for success and sustainability. It also requires monitoring, reporting on progress and continued development of actions and initiatives.

In October 2014, over 30 local and regional partners were reconvened to review and build on actions identified in the ICSP and the Age-Friendly Action Plan (PDF). The group focused on 3 local themes:
  • Age-Friendliness
  • Food Security and Agriculture
  • Local Economy
From the group discussions it was clear that progress towards Creston’s Desired Outcomes has been made. It was also agreed that continued collaboration is needed to move both the ICSP and Age-Friendly Actions forwards. To view the outcomes of the workshops, view the Cultivating Creston and Age-friendly Action Plans (Round 2) Report.

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