Mayor's Chain of Office

For over a thousand years, originating with the Dukes of Normandy, civic officials have carried an official seal to symbolize their authority. This seal was originally worn on a chain around the neck of the chief official. This chain has evolved into the modern Chain of Office. The practice of wearing a Chain of Office is steeped in historic tradition, and is followed by elected officials as well as by executives of other organizations. 

The Town of Creston’s modern Chain of Office is made up of several elements, including the official badge of the Town. This badge was recently granted by the Canadian Heraldic Authority, and includes four eagle feathers, in honour of the Ktunaxa people. The blossom in the centre of the badge symbolizes the orchards, fruit and agriculture of the Creston Valley. The feathers represent the four seasons (spring, summer, autumn, winter) and four elements (earth, wind, fire, water). These symbols are also significant to the valley’s history and prosperity. The other links are sterling silver medallions, on which the names of past mayors will be engraved. 

The chain was a generous gift to the Town of Creston from the Columbia Brewery (Labatt Canada), and was presented to the Town by His Honour the Honourable Steven L. Point, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia and Murray Oswald, Director of Brewery Operations.
Chain of Office - Close Up
Chain of Office - Full View(1)

Past Mayor’s Badge of Office
The purpose of this badge is to honour previous mayors of the Town of Creston. The badge is engraved with the Town’s coat of arms and is made of nickel-silver.

Badges have been presented to past mayors Mrs. Lela Irvine, Captain Donald Leben, C.D, Mr. Joe Snopek and Mr. Ron Toyota.

Civic Dress
The generally accepted protocol for the Mayor's (and past mayor's) wearing of the Chain of Office and Badge of Office are as follows:
Occasion Accepted Form of Dress

At a special function within the Town of Creston

Chain of Office and Badges

At a public function connected with the business of the Council at which a member of the Royal Family, the Governor General or Lieutenant Governor is present

Chain of Office and Badges

At public functions within the Town at which the Mayor is present by invitation

Chain of Office and Badges

At other private functions

As decided by the Mayor