2018 Candidate Information


This page has been created to provide a one-stop shop for Candidates in the 2018 Municipal Election. If you have further questions, or if there is additional information you would like to see, please contact Marsha Neufeld at Town Hall, 250-428-2214 x235, or marsha.neufeld@creston.ca.

Important Town Documents

2017 Official Community Plan Zoning Bylaw
Integrated Community Sustainability Plan
Master Drainage Plan
Greenways & Trails Master Plan
Master Drainage Plan Review 2009/2010
Terasen Gas LILO Agreement
Southeast Drainage Basin Study
Cemeteries Master PlanSanitary Sewer Master Plan
Water Master Plan

Repealed - 2001 Official Community Plan (requested)

Additional Information

The memorandum below, prepared by Steffan Klassen, Director of Finance and Corporate Services, is a direct response to a number of inquiries that we have received from candidates for more information regarding the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) BC Municipal Spending Watch Report from October 2017.

October 3, 2018 Memorandum - Interpreting BC Municipal Spending Watch Report from October 2017

Questions & Answers

Q: Can I put campaign signs on Highways Rights-of-Way?

With local government elections approaching, candidates across the province are erecting signs on public property, including highway corridors.

For safety reason, it is important that candidates follow guidelines for posting election signs on highways rights-of-way. These guidelines are outlined on the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure website.

Q: Can I put campaign signs on Canyon Street "bump-outs"?

A: MOTI has advised that the Ministry does not want any signage to be placed at the bump-outs, so that it does not impede pedestrians and/or distract drivers.

Q: Can I put campaign signs on Cook Street in front of Pealow's Independent Grocers?

A: Brian Pealow, of Pealow’s Independent Grocers has advised that ALL candidates are welcome to post signs on the store property and to please contact him for details on where to place your sign if you are interested in doing so.