2018 Referendum for Borrowing

On October 20th, 2018 Creston will be holding a Referendum for Borrowing, for the design and construction of a new Fire Hall, in conjunction with Local Government Elections for Mayor and Council.

Fire Hall Project Question of the Day

Q: The Town of Creston has stated that the project price of $350 per square foot includes site development and contingency costs (based on a high Altus Range) but the Altus Cost Guide states that the project cost per square foot does not include costs such as architect fees and contingencies. Can you please clarify? 

A: The Altus Guide is only one aspect of the information that the ASC and Council used to develop the recommended maximum borrowing amount for a new fire hall. The ASC utilized the Altus Construction Guide and reviewed recent comparable BC fire hall project costs to conclude that a maximum project cost of $350/sq. ft. for a 14,000 sq. ft. facility plus land cost was reasonable. 

The ASC and Town has therefore concluded the maximum borrowing amount would be sufficient to build an effective, efficient and affordable fire hall to service the needs of Creston and area. The Town is committed to establishing a community based building advisory committee to evaluate building materials such as wood, steel and concrete, as well as rigorous planning and project management to reduce the burden on taxpayers upon a successful referendum.

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Fire Hall Questions & Answers

Q: In the upcoming referendum, how much is the Town of Creston requesting to borrow for a new Fire Hall?

A: The Town of Creston is requesting voter permission to borrow $4.5 million. This is a maximum borrowing amount which includes land acquisition, design and development fees, and contingency. Town of Creston taxpayers will be responsible for servicing $2.95 million of this debt.