Town and country live happily side-by-side in Creston, the commercial and business hub of the Creston Valley. Cruise down the main street and you’ll find roadside produce stands and grain elevators looking out over vast fields – right alongside fine restaurants and charming cafés, state-of-the art recreation facilities, theatres and galleries, cool and quirky shops, a variety of professional services, and much more. Recreation on nearby Kootenay Lake, golfing, bird-watching and discovering the thriving agri-tourism sector are some popular pastimes that the Creston Valley has to offer. There is so much to see and do while visiting Creston, we hope you will enjoy your stay!

  1. Maps of the Creston Valley

    Maps of Creston and the Creston Valley.

  2. Public Parking

    The Town of Creston has a 2 hour free parking policy in the downtown core.

  3. Relocation Information

    The Creston Valley is a growing community, both literally and figuratively.

  4. See & Do

    There are so many ways to enjoy the Creston Valley. You’ll want to take your time traveling the Creston Valley, and we won’t rush you!

  5. Town Webcam

    Town Webcam

  6. Visitor Centre

    Small town charm, mountain views, mild climate and fantastic local food. Stay awhile and unwind Valley-style.