The Town of Creston seeks to support and promote the establishment and expansion of businesses within the community. People planning business start-ups are encouraged to contact Town staff early in the process. Staff are available to explain business-related regulations, and play a coordinating role in referring business owners to other agencies for regulatory and safety information if required.

The Town of Creston has a number of bylaws and services, which are important to businesses operating within Town boundaries. These include land use and planning, signage and business permits, among others. In addition, all businesses operating within Town boundaries need a valid business license.

There are also a variety of services available for existing and prospective businesses in the Creston Valley. These include economic development services, support for small business development and tourism. Please see the Business Services page for links to the agencies that provide these services.

For information about development in Creston please see the Development Services page.
  1. Annual Sidewalk Use Agreement

  2. Bids & Tenders

    Town of Creston Bids and Tenders

  3. BizPaL

    BizPaL is an innovative online service that allows business clients to easily generate a customized list of the permits and licenses they require from 3 levels of government – local, provincial and federal – simply by providing some generic information about the business.

  4. Business Licence Info

    The Town of Creston has compiled this information to assist you in obtaining your business licence.

  5. Business Services

    There are a number of organizations in the Creston Valley that provide services to existing and prospective business owners.

  6. Chamber of Commerce

    The Creston Valley Chamber of Commerce is the most public and influential advocate for business in the region. It is a member of the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

  7. Forms

    Business forms and applications.